Calling all young artists!

Who are the Red Cross’s helping hands?

How do they reach out to you and your community?

What have you done to be a Red Cross helping hand?

How has Red Cross helped you prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies?

Create a piece of art that answers any of these questions, and you could win fame and glory!  Or at least a chance to be part of the 2010 American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids calendar.


Here’s how for youth in grades K-12.

  1. Click, download, and print the art contest submission form.
  2. Create a work of art that relates to the above questions. Bundle it up with your artist’s statment (more in the form about that) and the form itself.
  3. Drop it off to our Red Cross office (1050 Fuller Ave. NE) or the downtown Grand Rapids Public Library Main Branch’s front desk (111 Library St. NE).  (You can also mail it to our office as well.)
  4. Wait patiently.
  5. On September 21st, we will announce the semi-finalists, and their artwork will be displayed at the Main Branch of the Grand Rapids Public Library from September 23rd to September 27th.  (At the same time as ArtPrize!)
  6. Throughout that time, anyone can come and vote for their favorite (including you!), and the top 12 will be published in our 2010 calendar.

So get out your painbrushes, crayons, collage paper …. and show us what the Red Cross’s helping hands look like to you!


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