In Honor of Shark Week!

The 22nd annual Shark Week kicked off on the Discovery Channel this week and is apparently a big hit amongst all sorts of audiences. (It is awfully kind of us to set aside one week a year when we and sharks can call a truce, be friends, and hold hands…errr…fins?)

In honor of Shark Week we thought, “What better time to think about giving blood!”  Just one pint of blood (given on dry land, and nowhere near a hungry shark tank) can help up to three people. And with August sliding into full swing, people are outside, running around, vacationing, and making merry — prime time for accidents and folks needing emergency blood (including those poor victims of shark attacks…which in Lake Michigan, let’s be honest, is probably zilch).

So go here to find out when the next blood drive in your town is!
All of us (sharks included) will appreciate it!


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