Meet Cassidhe, Our Newest Blog Contributor!

Greetings and Salutations, friends of the American Red Cross!


My name is Cassidhe Hart, and I’m a new AmeriCorps member working as the Community Visibility Coordinator.  (If you’re curious about AmeriCorps and what AmeriCorps members do, check out the website:

As the Community Visibility Coordinator, I’ll be promoting the Red Cross in events and programs throughout the Greater Grand Rapids chapter, creating a speaker’s bureau, and helping to organize all the Red Cross departments’ activities in the community.  I’m going to need help from new and existing volunteers to manage these tasks, so be on the lookout for opportunities to share the mission and services of the Amercian Red Cross with members of our community.

(First up – look for the American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids in the Coral Days Parade!)

I’ll also be updating  on the activities of the AmeriCorps members in our office as we complete our 10.5 month term of service.  The Red Cross AmeriCorps members in Michigan have several goals to meet in this time, including recruiting 700 new volunteers and educating 17,000 people through classes and training.  I’ll be posting about AmeriCorps members’ efforts to meet this goal and any stories we collect along the way.

Until next time,



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