Target Gives and So Did You!

Thanks to all of you, the Red Cross received over 75,000 votes during
Target’s “Bullseye Gives” campaign on Facebook!

We came in a (very close) second place, with 26% of the votes, and raising over $793,000!


Just for perspective, and to keep with the “every 24 hours” theme — take a gander at an average day in the life of the American Red Cross:

  • Red Cross volunteers help 200 families who lost everything in a house fire or other disaster
  • The Red Cross connects deployed service members with their families 475 times
  • 19,000 people outside the United States receive urgent care from the Red Cross following a disaster
  • 21,000 people receive a blood transfusion from a Red Cross donor
  • 43,000 people receive life-saving Red Cross health, safety and preparedness training
  • 290,000 children receive a measles vaccination from the Red Cross and its partners

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