Have You Voted Today?

We can all use a gentle nudge now and then. Here is ours for today:

Have you voted for the Red Cross on Target’s Facebook “Bullseye Gives” campaign yet today?


You can vote once every 24 hours through May 25, and we’d hate to see your vote go to waste. Red Cross is currently in third place, but we know that you, our faithful supporters, can push us to the top.

$3 million is at stake and will be divided amongst 10 deserving charities. Your votes depend on how much Red Cross receives. Just for perspective’s sake, $3 million is enough to shelter, feed and care for 2000 families (not people, but families) for almost three weeks.

Pretty good deal, huh?

Considering these are other things that cost $3 million:

  • The cost of electricity wasted because of email spam per year
  • A government program pioneered to study DNA in monkeys
  • A 30 second commercial in the last Superbowl game
  • What current NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending on political ads for the upcoming election

Red Cross can spend $3 million much more productively, right? And you can be a part of it! So go vote! Right now! It’ll only take a minute.

(We’d like to give you one of  those “I Voted!” stickers, but this is a blog and frankly, that’s just physically impossible. But we still appreciate your vote! Really, we do.)


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