Happy Cinco de Mayo!

It’s that time of year again, where people all across the land throw their hats in the air and celebrate Cinco de Mayo! (A holiday that most Americans admittedly don’t even understand or know what it’s for. But it’s an excuse for fun!)

So alongside your margaritas (and probably, wisely, before them), here are five ways that you can get prepared and save a life on this Cinco de Mayo!

1. Get Trained:

Learning CPR, First Aid, and how to use an AED cannot be overemphasized. With thousands of victims of cardiac arrest, knowing these skills can help people enjoy the party that is life longer.

2. Donate blood:

Again, this is strongly encouraged to be done BEFORE margaritas…and probably a day or two after them (must keep hydrated!). Donating just one pint of blood takes less than an hour, can help up to three people, and plus, who doesn’t love free cookies?

3. Make a Kit:

You never know when disaster (anything from a power outage to a tornado) can strike, and the phrase ” better safe than sorry” is a cliché for a reason, folks. Make a kit and get prepared.

4. Become a Volunteer:

The words “You’re fired” no longer just conjure images of Donald Trump in a bad toupee. They are sadly a fact of life for a rising number of people, especially here in Michigan. Don’t waste your time if you’re unemployed. Fill that gap in your resume through volunteering with your local Red Cross. It helps your community and gives you experience. A win-win!

5. Donate Money:

We saved this for last because we know it’s the hardest for most folks right now. But it’s also hard for families who lose everything in a house fire, or who have a family emergency and need to contact their solider overseas. The Red Cross serves vulnerable communities each day, and we need funds to do that important work. Just like in theater, where there are no small parts, for the Red Cross, there are no small donations. Everything counts.

Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo!
(And thanks to the Omaha Red Cross, who we confess that we nicked this idea from.)


3 responses to “Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  1. Great blog!! Glad you liked my idea and could utilize it also. 🙂 Happy blogging!

  2. Thanks! It was a fun idea, I’m glad that you didn’t mind us “borrowing” it. 🙂

  3. No worries, borrow away. 🙂

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