Welcome, Hope Network Volunteers!

In a burgeoning partnership with the Hope Network, your local Red Cross has been on the receiving end of some WONDERFUL new volunteers! In the past several months, 45 Hope Network consumers and staff have gone through our volunteer orientations.

Hope Network works primarily with individuals with developmental disabilities, both mental and physical. From helping Perri clean the CPR manikins to working in our education and disaster departments, we are seeing all sorts of new and friendly faces in our halls. It is providing a wonderful opportunity to learn on both ends, and we are already seeing all sorts of good camaraderie grow between our new volunteers and staff.

“As members of the community who have typically been on the receiving end of service all their lives,” said Lisa, one of the Hope Network staff, “it is an incredibly important opportunity to be able to give back through volunteer opportunities, like those here at the Red Cross.”

We are so excited about our new volunteers. If you see any of the smiling faces like Glenn, Heather, Melissa, or Missy around, say hi! (We’d also love you to have YOU as a volunteerreally, we would!)


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