Safety Tips for Those “April Showers”!

With the thunderstorms that are dousing Greater Grand Rapids left and right, we thought some storm safety tips wouldn’t go amiss!


  • If you are outside, take cover in the best shelter you can find. Always head for a building before a car.
  • If you are near water, head inland as soon as possible.
  • Do not take a bath or shower.
  • Turn off air conditioners. Power surges from lightning can overload the compressors.
  • If you are in the woods, take shelter under the shorter trees.
  • If you feel your skin tingle or hair stand on end, squat low to the ground on the balls of your feet. Place your hands on your knees with your head between them, making yourself the smallest target possible. Minimize your contact with the ground.

Just some tips to spark your curiosity!

(Want to be uber-prepared and master all kinds of disaster? Take a disaster preparedness class, or simply go here to see how to become Red Cross Ready!)


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