In Honor of the Serve America Act!

In an effort to make our blog a little less information-heavy and a bit more interactive, I am looking for ways to engage YOU, our readers. (If you have ideas, leave a comment!) During my travels, I stumbled across this fun game on the Oregon Trail Chapter blog (which is fabulous and will soon have me stealing lots of their ideas!).

So here’s the deal with the game:

In honor of the passage of the Serve America Act by President Obama, the number of people serving with organizations like AmeriCorps will go from 75,000 to 250,000! That includes up to an additional 10 AmeriCorps members in the Greater Grand Rapids office!

As a tribute to AmeriCorps members in all organizations across the country, an AmeriCorps Red Crosser in Portland, Oregon put together a video game called “RISTA: Robots in Service to America.” Here is their amusing description of the game:


“The year is 2165. Every AmeriCorps and VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) volunteer has been replaced by killer robots. It’s your job to save the world.”

“Long before President Obama proposed the Serve America Act (which he is scheduled to sign today!),  a humble VISTA volunteer right here in Portland envisioned a very different sort of restructuring for national service… RISTA: Robots In Service To America.”

“This little computer game is more than just an excuse to destroy 8-bit robots, it may actually teach you a thing or two about how AmeriCorps and VISTA work. (Eek! I just used “game” and “teach” in the same sentence. I hope you’re still reading after that! I promise it’s not lame.)”

“The actions are simple – use the arrow keys to move your adorable little volunteer around, and push the colored blocks to trap and crush robots. The concepts are more complex. My favorite? “Push green blocks in hole to accumulate grass roots donor funds.” Yeah! You won’t get that kind of action on your Xbox!”

Thanks Oregon Trail Chapter, and enjoy RISTA! Let us know what you think!


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