Red Cross Still Cleaning Up Ike’s Aftermath

Though the media attention surrounding Hurricane Ike, which ripped through Texas and Louisana two weeks ago, has calmed down, the American Red Cross remains on site, helping thousands of victims.

We are still operating 38 shelters with over 3,000 residents in Louisiana and Texas. We are also serving over 500,000 meals and snacks a day, many of them from our 290 Emergency Response Vehicles. Almost 10,000 Red Cross workers and volunteers are still on the ground, providing assistance.

Though the hype may have died down, the help that your Red Cross provides continues behind the scenes and will continue for weeks to come, as we help families along the Gulf Coast who have suffered devastating losses.

Click here to see pictures of what the American Red Cross is doing to help the victims of the Hurricanes of 2008.

You can still help by donating to our $100 million National Disaster Relief Fund Campaign. Call your local chapter at (616) 456-8661 or go to


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