A Special Request from Your Red Cross CEO, Lisa Marks

This is a special request!

Red Cross estimates it will spend between $40-$70 million on our Gulf Coast relief effort alone. We need your support to help people impacted by the Hurricanes and Tropical Storms of 2008.

Today, the Red Cross is:

  • Feeding and sheltering those who are returning home, including providing more than 400,000 meals a day
  • Looking ahead and preparing to come to the aid of those who may be affected by Hurricane Ike, depending on the track of the storm.
  • Working with local, state, and federal officials tomove workers, equipment, and supplies for Ike. The Red Cross system of moving people and materials allows us great flexibility to preposition supplies in a short period of time over a wide area.

We have already deployed about 800 staff to Florida to prepare for Ike and we are refilling our warehouses to be ready with supplies. Since Katrina, we made an $80 million investment to preposition supplies, purchase communication equipment and train disaster workers nationwide. Today, that investment is paying off.

An integral part of the American Red Cross disaster mission begins before disaster strikes. Our response began two weeks prior to Gustav’s forecasted landfall. By helping communities prepare, destruction is minimized and lives can be saved. Preparation means having the right resources in the right place at the right time.

Our local chapter deployed our Emergency Response Vehicle along with two volunteers to be ready to assist with Hurricane Gustav. They were followed by 38 additional disaster volunteers. We are continuing deployment and training for new volunteers in preparation for developing hurricanes. The strength of the national organization clearly rests on the shoulders of the local chapters. Together we have sent over 4,000 disaster volunteers and 200 ERV’s to manage over 500 shelters providing assistance to nearly 200,000 displaced people. We need your help!.

In the coming days we will:

  • Offer emergency financial assistance for people with significant structural damage to their homes. Damage teams are beginning their assessment
  • Provide food, shelter, and emotional support
  • Provide mobile feeding throughout affected neighborhoods
  • Provide clean-up kits including: mop, broom, cleaning supplies, work gloves and similar items.

How You Can Help

Our work is made possible only through your compassion and selfless donations to the Local and National Disaster Relief Funds. Your donation ensures that the Red Cross can operate our shelters and provide meals for evacuees, victims and clean up workers. It buys things like food, cots, blankets, toiletries, and clean up supplies. Donations also ensure that we can move our volunteers to the region and shelters in host states and provide vital services like mental health and first aid. The Red Cross stands ready to turn your compassion into action.

All American Red Cross disaster assistance is free, made possible by voluntary donations of time and money from the American people. You can help the victims of thousands of disasters across the country each year, disasters like the Hurricanes of 2008, by making a financial gift to the American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund or our Local Chapter Disaster Relief Fund. If you prefer to make your gift online, please visit our website at www.ggr.redcross.org and click Donate Now. Every gift help provide relief for those whose lives have been devastated by hurricanes and other disasters.

Thank you for giving from your resources to help your fellow Americans!

Warm Regards,

Lisa J. Marks
Chief Executive Officer


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