Your Red Cross Prepares For Hurricane Gustav!

In anticipation of Hurricane Gustav hitting the Gulf Coast, two local disaster relief volunteers from your American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids were deployed this morning to drive our National Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) to Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Hurricane Gustav is expected to affect Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. In preparation to respond quickly and effectively, Red Cross workers and ERVs from around the country are gathering in Hattiesburg as a central location to conduct dispatches and other operations.

Your local Red Cross will be deploying approximately 10 disaster relief volunteers over the next two weeks to assist in the response to this disaster.

“It’s about neighbors helping neighbors,” says Chip Kragt, our interim director of readiness and response. “We as a community pride ourselves on helping each other out and that compassionate spirit is essential to the work of the Red Cross. It is important to us that we offer that same compassion not only to others here in West Michigan, but that we open our arms to our neighbors across the country.”

Your local Red Cross will also be training new disaster relief volunteers throughout the first two weeks of September. If you are interested, please call us at 616-456-8661 or email Connie Edwards at

If you would like to make a monetary contribution to help Red Cross efforts locally or if you would like to help the victims of this and other national disasters, please go to our website at and select to donate to either the Local or National Disaster Relief Funds.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers and supporters who enable us to respond when our neighbors around the country need their Red Cross!


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