Be Red Cross Ready for Back to School!

If you have a child in your life, it’s likely you recently attended a “Back to school” sale, joining the throngs of parents and children scrambling for deals on folders, notebooks and erasers. This annual ritual of gathering new supplies somehow makes it easier to say goodbye to summer vacations and return to homework, deadlines and schedules. We feel ready. We feel prepared. By the same token, gathering emergency supplies ahead of time can help us feel better able to face whatever the year brings.

By taking some time now to make an emergency preparedness kit and family communication plan, you will make it much easier on yourself and your loved ones if a disaster or other emergency were to happen, whether it is a tornado, storm or even a power outage. Not only will you be better able to respond, but you may experience less physical, financial and emotional strain caused by the emergency.

Your American Red Cross is here to help! We offer a free online education module that walks you through three basic actions to “Be Red Cross Ready” for an emergency: 1) Get a kit, 2) Make a plan and 3) Be informed.

Visit the module at to view the presentation and download a checklist of supplies for your emergency preparedness kit and an emergency contact information card.

This September, during National Preparedness Month, we invite you to make a “Pledge to Prepare and get involved in preparing your community by giving blood or volunteering at your local Red Cross chapter.

Take time now to prepare and you’ll be at the head of your class!


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