Chip Kragt named as Interim Director of Readiness and Response

As our Director of Readiness and Response, Debbie Jones, prepares to wrap up her 32 year career with the American Red Cross, the question of “Who’s next?” has been answered…at least for now.

Chip Kragt, an AmeriCorps staff member in Readiness and Response, has consented to be our Interim Director of Readiness and Response, starting June 2.

He began his service with your local Red Cross here in Grand Rapids last summer as an AmeriCorps staff member and has made himself intimately familiar with all of the disaster-related functions of the chapter. He has been responsible for the ERVs and the warehouse. He trained to do military casework, and worked in Material Support Services during local disasters. He is also trained in Disaster Assessment, Sheltering, Workforce Planning and Acquisition, and Staff Support.
Chip was born and raised on the northwest side of Grand Rapids and went to Kenowa Hills Schools. He graduated from Cornerstone University as a bachelor in psychology. Chip’s focus as interim director will be on volunteer support, training, placement, and recognition, while sustaining current operations and preparing for the initiation and training of the future Director to be hired.

This is a fantastic example of how the Red Cross empowers its youth to become great leaders. All of us here at the American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids know that Chip will do an admirable job in this new position.

Thanks for all you do, Chip!

(That is Chip there on the left, working hard.)


One response to “Chip Kragt named as Interim Director of Readiness and Response

  1. Congratulations, Chip!
    I teach Public Relations at Cornerstone, and I’d love to connect you to this class at your alma mater to come speak to them sometime or maybe to have a couple of students come out and interview you about your new position. Would you be open to that? Please drop me an email or give me a call at or 616-460-5156. Thanks! Kathy

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